Dark FM

An interventional sound work from dusk till dawn.


Dark FM – the first manifestation of our project Somewhere FM is a commissioned intervention we realised in rural Girona, Spain, for Festival Mapa 2008.

At the end of the summer of 2008, across a single night, a microphone and FM radio transmitter, located deep within an isolated forest, broadcast live and uninterrupted ambient sounds from its location out into the adjacent village of Pontós. The broadcast was accessible to anyone within the village via their domestic or car radio, while remaining otherwise ‘invisible’ and inaudible. We used the direct mechanisms of live radio broadcast to give access to aspects of the otherwise inaccessible actuality of the forest, over a twelve hour period, from dusk till dawn.

Our intention with this work was to open a portal between two places using a familiar, and analog, technology – structuring our use of that technology to most directly enable a meeting, as a specifically and succinctly structured proximity, between two physically distant places.

This work is part of  Casado and Brookes’ ongoing Somewhere FM project.

Commissioned by Festival MAPA 2008.