Euskalduna shipyards

An intervention within the open public spaces on the bank of the Nervion River.


In the autumn of 2011, on the riverbank adjacent to the Guggenheim Gallery in Bilbao, within the open public spaces that now occupy much of the site of the vast Euskalduna shipyards – the industrial heart of the city until it closed in 1984 – we revisited fragments of the now absent shipyard buildings, ‘rebuilt’ simply through the in situ personal descriptions of four ex-workers, detailing structures and movements within their architecture.

The descriptions were delivered to the gathered crowd and passersby by portable amplifiers worn by the artists – allowing the work to be establish and moved freely around the city centre site, without installed technical support, and leaving no physical traces. The project was developed in collaboration with residents, historians, local radio and television stations, and realised in collaboration with ex-workers from the Euskalduna shipyards.

This work is part of  Casado and Brookes’ ongoing Just a little bit of history repeating project, further details of which are available in Mike Brookes’ blog and archives and














Photos by the audience members Luis Fernández and Susana Landaburu


With the generous contribution of Emilio Urreta, Miguel Parra, Miguel Anta Anta and José Luis Longarte; and the support of BilbaoEszena and Festival BAD Bilbao.