Providence cove

A participatory walk around a now absent shoreline.


On Saturday October 19th 2013, Mike Brookes and I, accompanied by local residents, walked a route that followed the now absent shore line of the original Providence cove, now reclaimed and covered by the subsequent developments of the downtown area of the city.

We invited anyone interested to walk with us. The walk, meeting, and shared act of remembering, covered approximately one and a half miles, and happened over an hour. Beginning at noon from the corner of West Exchange Street and Fox Place, just out under highway 95 (GPS coordinates: 41º 49′ 31″ N / 71º 25′ 13″ W); and followed the shoreline of the original cove, keeping everything than now covers the original water area to the walkers’ left.


This work is part of  Casado and Brookes’ ongoing Just a little bit of history repeating project, further details of which are available in Mike Brookes’ blog and archives and




Co-sponsored by Brown University’s Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies and Creative Arts Council, with the support of Wales Arts International and Salina Art Center.