In the beginning there was no beginning…

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A durational performance by Mike Brookes and Mike Pearson with National Theatre Wales.

From the middle of August to the beginning of October 2015, I have been working in Iliad – Mike Brookes and Mike Pearson’s theatrical staging of Christopher Logue’s epic poem War MusicLogue’s poem is a striking poetic reimagining of the main events in Homer’s account of the last years of the Trojan War; and  unfolds across five separate books, which he published between 1981 and 2005.

We performed it verbatim and in its entirety; initially as a series of separate and consecutive episodes, then followed by two extraordinary omnibus performances of the entire work – the first all day, and the second overnight.

I was one of four performers, within a larger cast of ten, who were referred to as the ‘constructors’, and that helped to create and sustain a dynamic environment that could be inhabited and affected by everybody in the room, at the scale of the whole room.

The challenge: to make theatre of scale and duration to match Homer.
The ambition: to perform – for the first time – the whole of Logue’s startling text.
The plan: to build a theatre machine – a combination of sound, video, live action, setting – fit for the task. 
(Mike Brookes and Mike Pearson)

Further details of this project are available in Mike Brookes’ blog, National Theatre Wales, ExeuntThe Guardian  and Dan Rebellato’s website.

This project is a production of National Theatre Wales in association with The FFwrnes.