A series of context-specific interventions in social space by Rosa Casado and Mike Brookes.











A map for meeting with places no longer there



Just a little bit of history repeating is an artistic project that proposes an engagement with the social and poetic resonance of absence, and of the personal and collective recollection of past events and places, within our common understandings and uses of the places that we inhabit in the present.

As its initial starting point, and through acts and strategies developed for and within the locale specifically, the project proposes to return real-time archive audio recordings or live firsthand description, of past events or places, to the site of those events or places – these aural traces being delivered directly within the location of the now absent activity or architecture that they attempt to describe. The work is manifest in the act of that relocation, in the gatherings it proposes, and in the refreshed and personal perspectives of a place that might be revealed through direct meetings with the history and community that shape it.

The work explores our understanding of ‘place’ – as space that, through use, has acquired meaning. Our intention is to relocate events that resonate within the daily fabric of a locale, without interpretation. To allow a personal meeting with the possibility of past events, beyond their narrative or received significance – as a catalyst for personal and social reflection in the present.

Just a little bit of history repeating proposes an active engagement and animation of social space. Its primary medium is audio material, its primary strategy is public broadcast, its poetic engages both personal memory and social identity.

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With the support of BilbaoEszena, B-side multimedia arts festivalWales Arts InterationalBrown University’s Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies and Salina Art Centre.