A series of sound interventions from distant places by Rosa Casado and Mike Brookes.


wasteland02As an artwork and intervention into public space, Somewhere FM proposes real and first-hand encounters with remote, unused, abandoned or uninhabited places – each site being made accessible and met through a specific and sustained real-time live audio link, opened and made available as unedited duration live stereo radio broadcasts.

At its simplest, this project proposes intimate and personal encounters with place, as shared live events. The work being manifest through the audio access it opens to an accumulating series of curated sites anywhere; and through the considerations and uses allowed by that specific opening. Our driving intention is to access, not represent – as an invitation, as a shared point of reference, as a public and personal resource. The primary strategies are intentionally non-visual, intentionally partial, and intentionally constructed on the ‘live’ and the merely ‘overheard’. The defining act is simply the placing of an open microphone, in a particular place, for a particular and limited period of time.

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With the support of LaPublika and Festival MAPA 2008.