A multidisciplinary project by Rosa Casado, Óscar G. Villegas, Luciana Pereyra and Mike Brookes.


Thinking out loud allows us to hear ourselves and to hear the other.
The thought becomes sound and resonates and rusts in contact with the air.
Perhaps there, in that moment, what we define as being human shows all its daring and shine.

My thought, when it sounds, is modified by the humidity of the air and because you hear it.

Gathered in that aural landscape philosophy, science and art might start to chat.
The differences between them perhaps only being defined by the place from which we observe things.
And perhaps, in changing places, we might see something else.

I look from my place, and at other times from yours.

Perhaps those other things become manifest in meeting, in forms that might still retain enough of their ambivalence and complexity.
Where a chemist might share patterns and structures with a poet.
Where the dialogue between an explorer and a performer might inform both.

What you do with your telescope might be similar to what I do with my piano.


With the support of Teatro Pradillo.